To enhance learning opportunities for all children by recognizing each child’s unique individuality, academic, social and cultural strengths and interests.

LIBRARY: The library is the nerve center of our school. There are very useful reference books like World Book, Students Britannica, Child Craft, Young Scientist and Natural Geographical Journal, and general books on all subjects. Besides this, the newspapers, magazines & journals cater to all tastes.


COMPUTER LABORATORY: In line with the modern education system, an adequate number of computers along with highly qualified instructors have been operating and imparting the latest computer education.

SCIENCE LABORATORY: The School owns ultra-modern & well-equipped Science Labs, separately for Biology, Physics & Chemistry.

FACULTY: The school is proud of having highly qualified, well-trained & experienced faculty. During study hours intensive coaching faculty is provided so that there is usually no need for extra tuition. Our faculty is chosen to help and counsel the students to understand themselves, clarify their goals, and accept responsibility for their growth and the direction of their lives.

AUDITORIUM: An open-air auditorium with a seating capacity of 700 audiences has been built so as to enhance a child to come out with his/her caliber, instinct, and output in society.

TRANSPORT: The school has its own transport arrangement, which is provided for payment of fixed fees. The school is not responsible for any road accidents in which the buses may, unfortunately, be involved. The responsibility for the safe conduct of the students to the point from where the buses pick them up and on return drop them off is of course the guardian. For withdrawal of transport facility, a written application is essential.

SPORTS: Indoor games like Table-Tennis, Judo-Karate, Yoga, etc. Outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, etc.

GYMNASIUM: An ultra-modern gymnasium is proposed with new technique machines for bodybuilding under the guidance of an experienced coach.


Primary Level: At this level, we aim at the all-round development of the child’s physical, social, mental, emotional, and intellectual abilities. We help the child to develop good health habits, proper attitudes, and desirable social skills. The curriculum for the little ones is flexible to serve their needs. There is a balance between individual and group activity, free play, and guided activity. In other words, the curriculum is designed for the development of the child’s creativity and independence of mind.

Secondary Level: Education plays a vital role in the development of human potential. At the secondary level we follow the national curriculum set by the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION and at the same time keep the potential of our students in mind by giving them ample opportunities to develop their potential. They are prepared to meet challenges and make use of opportunities and innovations.’

Sr. Secondary Level: At this level, the students are exposed to Arts, Commerce & Science streams. Mathematics, Hindi & Computer Science are optional subjects in the Commerce stream. The science stream is divided into two sections Medical and Non-Medical with Mathematics & Computer Science as optional subjects. We try to bring about in the students the conscious globalization of a healthy work ethos and of the values of a humane and composite culture. At the +2 level, we follow the syllabi of the CBSE.