Thank you for your interest in Spring Meadows Public School. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn SMPS – a truly magical place.


  • Pre-School Class (K.G.)               3 yr. as on 31 Mar. of the yr.
  • Pre-Primary Class (Prep.) 4 yr. as on 31 Mar. of the yr.
  • 1st Class 5 yr. as on 31 Mar. of the yr.

The ages mentioned here are minimum ages & there is no bar to a child older than these ages from getting admission.

At the time of admission for Pre School (K.G.), Pre-Primary School (Prep.) And 1st Class parents have to submit the Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi or an Affidavit stating the Date of Birth by the 1st class Magistrate. For Admission to classes higher than class I, i.e. II to XI a School Leaving Certificate (Transfer Certificate) from the last attended school is required. All the above admission will be subject to a test of capacity by means of a written test.

Admission and assignment to a particular section of the class are entirely at the discretion of the school. The correct date of birth is to be given at the time of admission. Date of birth once registered will not be altered.


The standard of admission will be held on the basis of a written test in the following subjects.

  • For Classes 1 to V English, Hindi, and Maths.
  • For Class VI to IX English,  Maths, and Science
  • For Class XI Admission will be done as per Class X (Board) result.

The standard of the admission test will be held on the basis of previous class results and the class proceeding to which admission is sought.

Note: No admission in Class X & XII