CHILDLINE, initiated in 1996 is India’s first 24-hour helpline for children in need of care and protection. It took telephone technology to the most marginalzed groups of children. Breaking myths associated with helplines being a western concept, introducing children to telephones as a medium of communication, building partnerships across society for child protection have called for highly innovative strategies for awareness about CHILDLINE.

CHILDLINE aims to ensure that it is the service that both children and adults, see, think, feel and identify with as the service that protects children anywhere in India.

Each CHILDLINE has evolved innovative strategies based on local needs. This manual is an attempt to share strategies used and lessons learned it presents tips to CHILDLINEs begining their journey. All strategies in this manual have evolved from urban experiences and would need to be adapted to rural realities.

As CHILDLINE grows, newer strategies will be explored. CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) looks forward to learning and sharing these with other CHILDLINEs.