Spring Meadows Public School was founded in 1987 by Spring Meadows Public School Educational Society registered under society act 1960. This co-educational English medium school is permanently recognized by directorate of education up to senior secondary level (Class XII) and prepares students for the All India Secondary School Examination & All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Under C.B.S.E. pattern). This is a progressive school and seeks to provide the most effective education to every student who enter its door in school of learning.

School's Philosophy

Every institution of society is based on philosophic ideas and so is our Educational Institute. We believe in bringing up our children in an ethnic Indian atmosphere , rich in Indian culture and values.We seek to generate a positive atmosphere where individuals are given every opportunity to develop their abilities, aptitudes and personalities to the fullest. So that they may view life with a perspective rather than a in a vacuum. At the same time the children of present generation who will grow up to be an adult in 21st century are encouraged to thin independently so that they may change with changing times.

Our Vision

The school aims at making students highly literate, read omnivorously and write with skill and delicacy, so that these children understand their social world, be devoted to its improvement, develop the dignity, self-esteem and sense of efficacy and to generate personal lives of high quality.


Our school curriculum is designed to achieve our aim through an atmosphere of encouragement, observance, perseverance and skilled teaching : where what is taught and how it is taught is supportive of each other.
The school prepares the students for All India Secondary (Class X) and All India Senior Secondary (Class XII) Examinations of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The students are taught at different levels befitting their age and mental aptitude.

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Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
Spring Meadows Public School
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
Spring Meadows Public School